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My name is Emmanuelle Laisney, I am graphic design-Artistic director for more than 10 years.

● Branding ● Digital ● Print ● Illustration ●

Born in Normandy and moved to New York as an au pair girl when I was 19. The travel virus caught me, so after my studies I decided to leave for Toronto, Canada for a few years.

I collaborate with businesses and agencies of different sizes and types.

I have expertise in branding, printing, web, social media, illustration, motion design, and video editing. It is with enthusiasm that I approach a creation that always comes with many challenges!

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Meetic is a French company. It is mainly famous for its dating site, also existing in application form, founded in November 2001 in France. In collaboration with the agency, creation of a booklet "guide of survival for celibates" during family meals, especially at Christmas. Street marketing campaign in réalisée à Paris.
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